Tour rates are $20 per adult for a two-hour tour, $10 for children & seniors   337-298-2630
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de la Houssaye's Louisiana Swamp Tours: A Genuine Cajun Experience
You can experience an authentic Cajun Swamp Tour with the man who pioneered the small boat tours that are regarded as the best Louisiana swamp tours today.
I began doing my Louisiana Swamp Tours into America's largest river basin swamp, which is the Atchafalya Basin, in 1984, as an amateur guide for my photographer friends. Then in 1985, I was mostly a passenger on my first official Atchafalaya swamp tour and it was co-guided by my good friend and inspiration Louis Choplin. We went into the interior of the swamp in his small commericial fishing boat. What Louis did for us that day was so perfect, that is how I am still doing it today. My photographer friend, Monty Orr, wanted to take pictures of the swamp and we hired Louis to guide us into areas I was not familiar with. Soon after, I built the houseboat and then Louis Choplin and Greg Guirrard were referring people to me for swamp tours. I took my guests to the places I knew so well as a fisherman. Gradually, I phased out the fishing and became a fulltime tour guide.

Every de la Houssaye's swamp tour is guided by me personally in a 20 ft. long, 7 ft. wide, heavy-duty aluminum, flat-bottomed skiff powered by a 25 hp Yamaha outboard motor. My Louisiana swamp tour boat is specially-designed for getting into the shallow, flooded Bald Cypress forest, and the densely vegetated interior of the swamp. This boat is locally referred to as a "crawfish skiff". Harvesting crawfish from the natural areas of Louisiana is unique to our state. It is an activity which spans the broad variety of culture in South Louisiana with many of today's fishermen being second or third generation. My Louisiana swamp tour boat is an authentic Cajun fishing boat that has been outfitted with comfortable padded seats and backrests allowing you to experience my Louisiana swamp tour from the perspective of an everyday crawfishing trip.

Born on the banks of the Bayou Teche in New Iberia, I grew up hunting and fishing the swamps and marshlands of South Central Louisiana with my father.  I have lived on a houseboat in the Atchafalaya Basin for ten years, conducting tours and guiding fishing trips through a variety of swamps and marshland areas.  I was a commercial fisherman when I became a tour guide.  I continue to drive the swamps today, the same way I did as a commercial fisherman in pursuit of crawfish.  I will take you where other boats cannot go.  In order to share my appreciation of the unique wilderness areas of Louisiana I am guiding tours into the Cypress Island Swamp, which is the most wildlife-intensive wilderness I have ever visited.  I also guide custom tours into the Atchafalaya Basin and saltwater fishing trips into select marshland areas.


Tour Rates

Adults:  $20 per person

Children & Seniors:  $10 per person

Please call 337 - 298 - 2630 for Custom and Private Tour pricing.

We do offer special rates for large groups and have several boats available to do a bus load.


My Wild Louisiana

You can visit my blog dedicated to the Cajun and Creole culture in relation to its environment. The focus is food, music, dance, art, history, festivals, wildlife and people unique to south Louisiana.

Click here to keep up with the locations I visit, the people I interview, and the activities I enjoy while producing my new TV program titled "My Wild Louisiana."

Louisiana swamp tours have been slow to recover in the post-Katrina world until the end of 2008. For nearly three years I quit doing tours, not because I wanted to, but because it was not cost effective to try to keep a business running fulltime when not enough people were calling to make reservations. And many people who did call were calling last minute, trying to find a swamp tour company that was in operation and open for business. Most of the time that people did call I was busy doing something else, and I could not walk away from that project to haul my boat to the landing on such short notice.

During my three year hiatus after Hurricane Katrina, my swamp tour business evolved into TV programs and documentary videos. We are currently in editing and should have the first program broadcasted on AOC by the end of the month. The hardcopy videos will be for sale as soon as we have a distributor set up and we will sell an electronic transferred version in a month or two after that through a server so you can buy and upload directly from my site.

The Cypress Island Swamp Tour begins at Lake Martin Landing, where we will leave land to navigate through a dense mat of floating and submarine vegetation following "roads" that are known to me alone.  We will pass through a flooded forest of moss-draped Bald Cypress which is home to Barred Owls, Great Horned Owls, Pileated Woodpeckers, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Anhinga Cormorants, Wood Ducks, Yellow Crowned and Black Crowned Night Herons, Green Herons, Louisiana Herons, Great Blue Herons, Mississippi and Swallow Tailed Kites, Nutria, Frogs, Snakes, and of course, Alligators.

Louisiana Swamp Tours will appeal to anyone interested in photography, birding, nature study, or family-oriented trips.  Lake Martin and the Cypress Island Swamp encompass the largest nesting area of wading birds in the state of Louisiana.  Woodstorks, Roseate Spoonbills, Glossy Ibis, White Ibis, Cattle Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, and little Blue Herons are some of the species found in great abundance nesting and roosting in the Cypress Island rookery.  We will stop frequently along the tour to observe wildlife and soak up the sounds of the swamp.  This is your opportunity to personally experience the swamp environment of the wilderness wetlands of Louisiana.  At any time of the year, join me for a Louisiana swamp tour, an unforgettable escape into paradise, and a vanishing way of life.

    My Louisiana Swamp Tours Blog

In my favorite post, "Louisiana Swamp Photography Safari," I present a present a series of photos; some old, some recent, which show both my life as a tour guide over the past twenty years as well as numerous swamp scenes and pictures of wildlife native to the area.  Included among these photos are a few shot by some very famous local and international photographers.


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